Meeting Room Information Screen

MeetPlat Display is placed outside of your meeting rooms and shows the daily availability of the room.

Through the feature of the touch screen, it allows you to schedule meetings directly on its screen

It has a On-Premise license, so you buy one time and use it for life.

MeetPlat System is a part of your current calendar system such as GSuite, Exchange and Office 365. It integrates smootgly to the room resources and all information is synced between current calendar and the display.

meeting room information display

Easy to Use

  • Led strip lights
  • Custom design
  • Multiple language
  • Touch display
  • Check-In
  • Room PIN
  • RFID input
meeting room used


Background switching, multi-language support and modern looks


MeetPlat is fully integrated with Office 365, Exchange and GSuite


Instant meeting, find room, Check-In, PIN, End Early, Extend and more other features


If the meeting is not approved on time, it is removed.

Room PIN

You can prevent unauthorized access to rooms by PIN.

End Early

If the meeting ends early, you can end it on the screen.


You may want extra time via the display

Find Room

Through the screen you can see which rooms are available.


Improve security by hiding the meeting subject.


Office 365, Exchange and GSuite integration. End-to-end connectivity with Active Directory and HR Applications

Exchange Office 365 G-Suite

Modern Design Library

Choose from our modern and stylish designs

Design your own meeting room and customize your screens.

Critical Features

Led Strip Lights

Philips 10.1" sets the side LEDs of the displays to red (busy), green (available), yellow (meeting approaching).


Samsung, LG, Philips, Android, Raspberry. No additional hardware required

ON-OFF Timer

You can schedule opening and closing times on a weekly and change them on the admin panel at any time.

Working on All Platforms

The Admin Panel works on Windows, Linux, MacOSX operating systems.

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