meeting room booking system

Meeting Room Information Screen

MeetPlat Display is placed outside of your meeting rooms and shows the daily availability of the room.

Through the feature of the touch screen, it allows you to schedule meetings directly on its screen

It has a On-Premise license, so you buy one time and use it for life.

MeetPlat System is a part of your current calendar system such as GSuite, Exchange and Office 365. It integrates smootgly to the room resources and all information is synced between current calendar and the display.

meeting room door display
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meeting room reservation system

Easy to Use

Don't worry if you don't use any calendar system. In MeetPlat we offer solutions for this. MeetPlat works without the need for a calendar system.

It can be used quickly by defining meeting on the screen. Meeting times can be set on the screen.

The display shows the status of the meeting room with side lights. You can use your own logo and corporate profile.

MeetPlat meetings sample

meetplat daily preview
room list
room edit
on off timers set

MeetPlat Admin Interface

It is designed just for this purpose. Has a simple to use. It is platform independent and does not need a database.

  • Daily Preview
  • Online-Offline tracking
  • Display ON/OFF Timers
  • Hide Meeting Subject
  • Instant Meeting
  • End Early
  • Extend Meeting
  • Room PIN System
  • Check-In Time
  • Room Language
  • Room Theme
  • Mobile and Desktop compatible



Office 365, Exchange veya G-Suite integration


MeetPlat works in of Philips, Samsung and LG displays

Easy to Use

You can easily manage your rooms with the management panel


Enter a new meeting, extend your meeting or finish the meeting. You can do it all over the screen


Rooms are not busy for nothing


You can hide your meeting subject if you want

Fewer Resources

It consumes very little space and very little resources


You do not need to open your system worlds. You can use it for life with a single purchase


The MeetPlat support team is ready to assist you. You can contact us at any time

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